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We have been behind some of the UK’s leading modelling industry innovators for the last 12 years, we diligently serve our clients and models ensure the models are as committed to succeeding. As one of the UK’s largest modelling platform we provide links to models in order for the model to apply to agencies and get working within the industry as quickly and as effectively as possible we have a model network with in excess of 1100 contacts our role is give models links to agencies not find models jobs this will be your agencies responsibility .

Our team is fresh and motivated and hungry for success which is why if you really want to get ahead in modelling you need to be with Identity Management .

Why opt for Identity Management? We are a team of experts and professionals in the industry, and at Identity Management we endeavour to enhance your premier move into the world of modelling. We are a team of professional experts with an encompassing knowledge in the field which is utilised to offer free counsel on styling, the kind of modelling best suitable for you, including agencies as well as help in the packaging of your portfolio.











Commercial modelling is by a long shot the most well-known genre of modelling and where we have the greater part of our applicants wind up. Commercial modelling is usually the best opportunity you have of regular and generously paid work because of the immense number of chances that is obtainable. It’s popular nature is due to commercial modelling being the image of the advertising industry; all organisations need to get their name into the world, and all utilise models to get that going. Commercial modelling compasses from being the model girl/boy for large high street brands like H & M to exhibiting products for smaller, independent organisations and these opportunities can emerge anyplace across the country.

Identity Management think that commercial modelling, like all fields of modelling demands a confident, determined, and enthusiastic person that is ready to invest a lot of hours to set up themselves in what may likely be an exceptionally saturated market. Alongside these features, a commercial model must have an associable image. You are offering a product for sale to the general public, and they should have the capacity to resound with personal selling to them.

It can be hard for a new model to be distinguished or outstanding in such a popular field of modelling. The team at Identity Management has been counselling yearning models for years and understand what separates the best and gives them an edge. A great portfolio, alongside the right attitude, can obviously give you an advantage over contending models and it is due to this reason that we welcome every single successful applicant to attend a test shoot at a licensed studio. Within this period you can build confidence and skills before the camera, and also take advantage of our team of very experienced photographers and stylists to produce a range of professional and different pictures that can be expended to develop the ideal portfolio for a start. The versatility in your photos (while perfectly exhibiting your personality) will arouse casting directors and offers them the opportunity to perceive how your appearance would suit their vision.

Once you’ve made your portfolio, you can then go ahead by applying to agencies or stepping into being an independent model by disseminating your portfolio. Whichever path you choose, Identity Management has the essential experience and networking to guarantee you have the best opportunity with regards to success.

Teen modelling is for those that have confidence in their talents as models with the full support of their parents and it ranges between the ages of 12-17 years old. Because of strict laws in regards to the working hours of those less than 16 years old and the presence of parents and guardians on shoots, it’s similar to child modelling. Teen modelling should constantly involve the parent and ought to be engaged in along with studies. To prevent any interference with the studies of teenage models, modelling agencies always try to organise shoots outside of school hours. An educated model will in most instances be a more accomplished and successful model.

There is an enormous spectrum inside teen modelling, commercial and catalogue work are the most widely recognised and have a tendency to oblige you to have a distinct appearance while having the sort of strong physical traits you would hope to discover in a model of this age. Thus it is important that a teen model should maintain their appearance in an ideal condition through daily cleansing and drink a lot of water (for incredible skin and hair).

Confidence can be to a great degree different amongst teenagers thus determining how they can perform before the camera is essential to understanding the sort of potential talent they possess. To detect this, Identity Management requests that every single successful candidate should go for a test photo shoot. This includes undertaking a professional style shoot with an experienced team of stylists and photographers that can assess you as a model as well as help you to enhance your talents in case they see a sparkle within you.

This shoot is not just an incredible assurance booster and an opportunity to test and improve your skills but additionally furnishes you with the professional pictures expected to make a strong, robust portfolio. It will enable you to stand you in great stead with potential employers, giving them the chance to assess your talents as well.

Identity Management is committed to offering all yearning model a free advice service that they can use to promote their talents and gives them the confidence that they are handling one of the most overwhelming industries with their best foot forward.

Many individuals out there have the preconception that modelling is only for young, skinny girls and once you hit 35 then all the odds of fulfilling that fantasy of modelling melt away. It’s far from reality. Brands and designers are moving further towards a picture that is more relatable to the masses, and that incorporates using men and women who perhaps already felt that they were ‘past it.’
This advancement in advertising values has implied there is an enormous vacuum in the mature modelling industry as the demand has increased, yet the level of mature applicants has not really taken after that trend. Identity Management is resolved to unveil and offer confidence to models beyond 35 years old and get them involved in what is becoming one of the most lucrative fields of modelling.

Like in any other genre of modelling, you need to be charming both before and behind the camera and be prepared to work to very hard to enhance networking and ensuring that your picture is disseminated to all casting executives. Portfolios are an extraordinary means for doing this, as both digital and printed portfolio gives you the opportunity to show your look and personality through pictures. It gives these casting directors an impression of how you could be used in their campaign. As one of the UK’s driving prominent modelling platforms, Identity Management has been able to help many mature models to achieve their potential and fulfill their deep-rooted dream of making a career of their looks.

Identity Management provides support and direction to mature models on everything from posing, promotion, and portfolios to connecting them with agencies and building up a healthy network of contacts (because of cozy relationships and having an enormous network of contacts ourselves). We offer this service free of charges, and we are just keen on ascertaining that every single aspiring model takes on an ideal preparation and build the best platform for a successful career. It is never too late to begin a profession in modelling, and you may be exactly what the modelling industry is searching for. Apply to Identity Management free today.

In the contemporary period, we see advancement in modelling that observes commercial, mainstream modelling moving far from the inconceivably thin, high fashion like models and an enormous surge in demand for bigger, more relatable sized models. Hence, Identity Management is committed to unveiling and giving confidence to aspiring models that might’ve thought themselves too “big” for modelling.

A plus size model, as in every other field of modelling, needs the huge drive and passion that will keep you working doggedly to move yourself up the modelling ladder. Physically, clients prefer a well-proportioned shape that is size 12 or more with striking facial features and a genuine confidence in they body they possess. That confidence is what plus size modelling is all about, realising that you are beautiful regardless of the fact that it’s not what is considered (wrongly) as mainstream beauty.

There has never been a better period to embrace a profession in plus size modelling. With demand in the field so high, Identity Management has been seeking for aspiring models to come forward and exploit this enormous opportunity. Models like Natalie Laughlin and Whitney Thompson have gone to the cutting edge of plus size modelling in recent years. With the last winning series 10 of America’s Next Top Model, the plus size modelling world is sitting tight for you to go after them!

Identity Management are exceptionally experienced in taking young models, showing them their potential and afterward strengthening their confidence and sending them out into the world of modelling. We welcome all models that successfully apply to us to come to our studio and have a day of shooting where we can make a full evaluation on what field of modelling would give you the most success. We assist you to assemble a portfolio and offer any support or guidance you feel is necessary. Within the plus size modelling, there are various paths that you can take, commercial and body part modelling are two of the most outstanding fields. However, freelance designers and specialty boutiques additionally use plus size models in so many of their shoots. There is money to be made in this area of modelling.

After ascertaining the genre and field of plus size modelling we believe you are suitable for, and ensuring you are ready to take on employers, you have to decide if you need to sign with an agency or if you would get more work by independently as a freelance model and using many agencies to find jobs. Going freelance means that you don’t need to give away the 15-20% cut that agencies generally take. However, it means that looking for some form of work originates from your own desires, and will see you significantly more involved in the search. You should also remember that if you are using different agencies and more than one send you on the same go-see work, then you should credit the agency that informed you of it first.

There is an immense opportunity for desiring plus size models out there, so get in touch with Identity Management today, and we will assist to set you upon your path!

Child models have a tendency to be somewhere between two and twelve years old, and it is more acknowledged generally in this field of the business that diverse selection is sort after. The prerequisites that you would discover in other fields of modelling like height, weight, and size varies considerably and what agencies search for most importantly is a confident, happy and an emotionally balanced child with an alluring appearance.

The representation of child modelling is clearly and appropriately more rigid than other areas of modelling, the main aim being to guarantee that no harm is brought on the child’s educational advancement and to take precautions against abuse. To ensure that a child below sixteen years can work, the parent or guardian must have a permit and adhere to the exact rules fixed on length and number of working hours. Notwithstanding this, all respectable model organisations will demand that a natural parent or legal guardian is available on any shoot.

We likewise think it imperative that as the child’s parent or guardian, you assume full obligation as their manager. Eventually, nobody will be more trustworthy than you (the parent/guardian) in ensuring your child’s best interests are at the head of all considerations, and the journey into a modelling career can result in a growing state in the relationship that you and your child share.

In the initial phases of a model’s profession and for those not equipped to deal with the highest point of modelling, film and TV extra work can be an incredible means to get yourself out there, or it can simply be an effective means to make money and have a fabulous time while at it.

Film and TV extra work does not demand any acting knowledge or experience and is for the most part filled by individuals with great looks and a desire to go higher either in modelling or in acting. It is usually generously well paid, and models of all age, shape, and size are needed for these roles.

For those that are targeting higher, extra work can give you the chance to exhibit your abilities in a professional setting and can be an incredible plus to a model’s portfolio. There are scores of organisations out there that give extras for film and TV, so there are various chances to discover constant work for those that are keen in this field of the business.

Identity Management works with countless models who go ahead to do at any rate some film and TV extra work. Thus we know precisely the sort of features and qualities casting directors search for when looking for eligible candidates. We provide counsel on this matter totally free; you should simply take a few minutes to fill out our application, and we will advise you on the potentials you truly have.

Fitness modelling takes a large measure of commitment, and it is regularly marked as one of the hardest fields of modelling to break into or possibly retain work on a consistent basis. However, this shouldn’t put you off. If you are a person that loves fitness and are in peak physical condition, then this field of the business could be to a great degree successful for you.

A fitness model will generally work with sport and fitness brands (adhering to healthy eating products like Herbalife) and additionally be working with some large name clothing brands (Abercrombie and Fitch for example). These will all demand a person who has invested lots of energy in the gym and is ready to keep himself or herself in that high state of physical condition. Therefore, fitness modelling is usually suitable for fitness coaches, personal trainers and athletes as they have the most chance to keep up the required slimness and muscle definition.

A fitness model does not need to exhibit as much versatility and different qualities in their portfolio as good posing and flexibility take a secondary position in this physical feature overshadowed field of the industry.

Identity Management knows the sort of energy and passion that this profession entails and are here to provide free support and counsel to any yearning fitness model. You should only pause for a moment to upload a couple of pictures to an application, and we can assist you to achieve the level of potential you desire and how far you could go in this thriving career path.

APPLYING TO Identity Management

Identity Management receives applications from every type of model imaginable we assess each model based on the abilities and looks successful models need to be able to do the following four things well:

  • Pose for photos
  • Take Direction
  • Visually Connect with the camera
  • Most importantly; have an adaptable image
Identity Management
Josh - Male Model

Age: 18 

Height: 5.8

Waist Size: 30 

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Identity Management
Jen - Female Model

Age: 24

Weight: 52kg

Height: 174cm

Dress size: 8

Height: 174cm

Hair: Brown

Experience: Shoots for high street fashion brands, several music videos, signed to Light Models and Luxus Models

Identity Management
Edward - Mature Model

Age: 36

Weight: 85kg

Height: 194cm

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Experience: 6 years in fashion modelling in NYC and two UK Music Videos, TV Extra, Runner up on “Make Me a Model”

Identity Management
Callum - Child Model

Age: 8

Weight: 24kg

Height: 114cm

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown 

Experience: Details on Z-Card

Identity Management
Anthony - Fitness Model

Age: 26

Weight: 90kg

Height: 190cm

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Experience: Fitness modelling

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Identity Management

Identity Management

Stephen, 36 year old model from Manchester

Stephen is a fashion model from manchester having spent 6 months trying to break in to the modelling industry as looking for freelance modelling jobs unaided he had not got very far he applied to us in March and by February was signed to two modelling agencies and also has also received various offers of TV extra parts however due to other commitments has not taken any of these as of yet.


Identity Management understand that making a model successful is a team effort our team is made up of industry experts our team have worked on productions such as Next Top Model, X Factor, Fashion Catwalks shows for High Street Fashion Brands and more models than you can shake a stick at.

Our aim is to only work with the best people in doing so we are super we can help the models who use our service accomplish something truly amazing in the modelling industry.

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